Color contrast Chart

Hi there!
I’m wondering if you have a specific tool to generate the color ratio chart on the website :

I’ve got something similar (on excel), but it doesn’t generate a magnificent chart like this one ;).

Thanx !

Thanks @JCH

I built this one myself, using a few custom symbols (you can copy these from the Sketch file at, but @SeanElliott did a very similar one in code which is probably easier/quicker to implement, which I’m sure he’d happily share.

I was keen to use the colour styles through Sketch and to include the ‘NSW Primary Highlight’, so if a user updates that, they can go through and update the table as well.


Hi @JCH the tool I found found is this

You can put your colors and names in as per the instructions and export some html for the grid or a persistent url

Its pretty handy hopefully it suits your purpose


Hi Mike, hi Sean
Thanx a lot for your replies, that’s exactly what i was looking for !

kind regards

A pleasure, anything else, just shout…