Colour Palette Orange 02 fails contrast (WCAG 2.1 SC 1.4.3) when used as brand-dark

The Colour 02 (Hex Value F3631B) doesn’t have a high enough contrast to be used as the brand dark colour, as some components display it against a white background. When displayed against a white background, the colour has a contrast of 3.17:1 , failing to meet the 4.5 ratio required for text. It does just about meet the ratio required for graphical objects though.

For example, here is the tag component in orange displayed on a list item

Hi @JeffersonBledsoe,

Thanks for reaching out.

‘Colour Palette Orange 02’ is classified as a light color. This is due to an exception for some colors in row 2 of the NSW Government Color palette, which combines both light and dark shades. See the light blue line in the image below seprating the two rows -

In your case, the orange colored tags would use the primary Blue 01 (Core) color. Alternatively, if you were to use the orange color set. you could use the Orange 01 as the brand dark.

Hope that helps.