Let’s get theming!

With the new NSW Gov brand colour palette included in Design System 3.0 you now have wider theming options - no matter what your brand classification.

What does this mean for me?

While those who are classified in the corporate masterbrand category must still use the red, blue and grey colour sets, that’s 12 colours to choose from to create your brand base. Even with your core colour remaining the core dark blue (Blue 01), the digital palette now lets you choose a light and supplementary colour in addition to your accent colour for more freedom and colour expression.

If you’re in the masterbrand non-corporate or co-brand category your options open up to any 2 colour sets in the NSW Gov wide palette plus grey, again giving you 12 colours to choose from to create your brand palette.

For more info on how to select your brand colours (and to see the extended palette for digital including all shades of grey) check out our theming guidance for both Designers and Developers.