Guerrilla testing of fieldset validation

Yesterday we completed the guerrilla testing of the fieldset validation as we wanted to ensure customers understood the whole fieldset was in error, as opposed to one or more of the options within the fieldset.

We tested with 10 users, 5 with one option first and 5 with the other option first.

The results were encouraging, with 90% having full comprehension that the fieldset was in error, with quotes like:

"You need to select one of the 3 options"
"You need to select a delivery option"
"(I’m) used to seeing this when you submit a form"

We asked for feedback on both treatments from all users with a resounding agreement that the option with a red key-line around the fieldset was much clearer.

The prototype can be viewed at (simply submit the form to see the first design and submit it a second time to see the alternate design)