Risks for digital projects

Hello everyone, I am looking to build on our list of risks for digital projects. Let me know if you can share some of these from either current or past projects please.

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Hi Greg, where do you work? :slight_smile: Most places I’ve worked the PMO or assurance team will usually have a reasonable list of template risks - might be a good starting point to reach out to your PMO/Assurance team or the nsw ICT assurance team possibly :slight_smile:

Hi Jess
My apology for not replying, unfortunately I went off on long term sick leave at the start of May. I’m back now and OK, so will start again on the risk portfolio.

I work at the Office Of Sport in the Assurance team and also work closely with our PMO. I am just adding to the robustness of our IT project and technical risk capability over the next few months.