Viability or existence of SharePoint theme?

I would like to apply the NSW Digital Design System to a SharePoint site. Even better I’d like it to be a template that is available when people create a new SharePoint site. Other than the sidebar ribbon which should be consistent for the user, the takeover of the style should be pretty complete. Has anyone done any work in this space or can speak to the viability of this?

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  • SharePoint Online has “Composed Themes” but does not support “custom composed themes”. For instance the fonts are limited to those provided and currently doesn’t allow for Public Sans. I have a thread (1) to watch for changes.
  • SharePoint Classic has more theming options but I have not focussed on SharePoint technology versions which are becoming outdated.
  • You can deploy an app into SharePoint which allows for provisioning a custom CSS file. However the markup of the SharePoint page is not easy to target and it’s assumed would change over time. With some playing around I proved this by following a tutorial (2) but I found the experience unpleasant
  • You can deploy custom theme palettes but unless/until they support more typography it’s too limited. I proved it using a tutorial (3)

If you want full control over SharePoint you need to look at something like LiveTiles. There are more, I’m not advocating for any but I know LiveTiles is used in some Aust gov over sharepoint so that’s the example I’m giving. You’re then looking at licencing, like per user, which is too sweet for our tooth at this point.

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