Embracing the standards for a regional health District

We’ve just launched our new website: https://mnclhd.health.nsw.gov.au/ and found the design standards gave us a fantastic framework to develop the look and feel of the site and rejig the content so that it’s more user friendly. We’ve also integrated some design features from Service NSW and NSW Gov website and enhanced our search capability with an additional ‘I want information on…’ which gives users already prepared phrases to search for the information they may be looking for. To ensure additional accessibility options we’ve continued to use ReadSpeaker on the site. I think it’s really important to personalise our websites so that they reflect our community, using the standards, we’ve been able to achieve this with the versatility of options available. We’re applying the standards on our internal platforms as well for our new intranet and policy distribution system. All in all the standards have provided us with the guidance required to ensure we provide information that is easily accessible for our health consumers. Special thanks for the ‘Content 101’ guidance, this has been invaluable, we continue to use this for our ongoing content review and more widely throughout the District for other asset development. Looking forward to implementing further capability on our sites as new designs are rolled out. Carolyn Guichard Manager Integrated Multi Media Unit (IMMU) Mid North Coast Local Health District.