HCD + CX Comprac - Post-event discussion

Ask your questions or share your thoughts here after the event so we can continue learning and connecting!

A reminder of what was covered:

  • HCD x Strategy (Case study) Steph Salter – Future Transport Accelerator
  • HCD x Policy (Case study) Lynne Goodyer – Department Primary Industries
  • HCD x Product (Case study) Rich Brophy - Department of Customer Service
  • HCD Panel Discussion featuring presenters + Audience Q&A
  • Expert demo: Kick-off Canvas

Questions from the audience today:

Lynn if there’s one thing that got your senior exec to take HCD in policy seriously, what would that be?

If as a department we are really serious about improving our customer experience and measuring our performance, what is fundamental to put in place? A strategy? Plan?

What were some of the biggest road blocks your team faced?

What is your measure of success?

Hi Steph. In terms of governance and having a voice in the direction of works completed, how was the customer represented?

Lynne, Did part on your experience come down to the onboarding experience? Often we “onboard” to the organisation not to the role.

What was your experience in the acceptance and uptake of policy given an HCD / service design & delivery approach?

As a user/stakeholder, how can I advocate for a UX rather than ‘consultation’ approach to achieve better outcomes?

What are the biggest things you think are different between ‘traditional’ policy processes and a ‘HCD’ policy process. Have tried to convince my team to use HCD but get stuck on ‘we already do this’

Question to Rich: Like the ‘demonstrate value of research to leaders’. In my experience it is often challenging to identify what that value is, and what matters to leaders. Thoughts? Ideas?

the panel - HCD practice and practitioners are an exclusive community - it it filled with educated privileged people - any thoughts on how we can make the hcd community more inclusive and diverse?

Love to see us as a community develop the kind of ‘what & why of HCD’ assets that Stephanie Salter is talking about.

In the strategy design sessions in the Transport Accelerator, what were some HCD tools/methods you used to facilitate the design.

The Womens Safety Charter is an awesome initiative. Does this cover daytime as well? I had an unfortunate incident occur at central station many years ago and it’s affected my travel behaviour since

Using HCD for corporate/admin forms and processes: When will we see this happening for internal customers? So many are unwieldy, inefficient and users are blamed when they aren’t done right.

Have you had experience in applying HCD to legislative change projects? Has that changed the way you approached the project?

What about if there is a lack of granularity in user research? Is it worth the investment to go out and obtain the research or is it sufficient to use ‘the best available data’ with a more limited use

Can this community identify a leader in the space of improving the customer experience from a whole of department context?

Any tips on locating process owners and starting that conversation about HCD ? Sometimes it feels like a very Kafkaesque process…

Having an Exec HCD ambassador seems like the way to get things moving. Any tips on engaging Execs without overwhelming them?

How did the panel convince their leaders and stakeholders to look closer at the issue rather than jump straight to the problem solving?

Can you recommend any inexpensive and accessible training in HCD that will help invite more diversity into the community?

Are there any good resources where HCD practitioners have articulated strategies to adopt HCD in gov